Beyond that, it’s merely a case of examining what functions are a priority to you and making sure you can manage them. Do you want it to cope with a wet lawn? We put them to the test to find out which ones are worth investing in.


It may be time to consider a robotic lawn mower if you groan every time you remember the yard needs cutting. Merely go out the charging station, set up your limits and programme your mower accordingly. Yes, it actually does do all the effort for you, with some making their own method back to the docking station once they have actually done their job or have lacked batteries.

You do not require a neat rectangular plot to utilize one– with much of today’s robotic lawn mowers able to deal with oddly formed gardens, challenges and slopes such as flower beds and trampolines. Other excellent news (for the environment anyhow) is that all robotic mowers are mulching, implying they cut up the turf into great clippings and scatter them back on the lawn to feed the soil with nutrients.

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Control, Analytics & Insights

There has been a general surge in analytics being applied at practically every level of the enterprise. There are so many big data players approaching large-scale data problems in interesting ways. RPA has the potential to augment and symbiotically work with analytics technology to ease analytics platform implementation and improve data collection.

Robot related analytics

Most enterprise-grade RPA platforms come with features to track, monitor and audit your robot activity. The model commonly adopted involves a control center of sorts. UlPath, for instance, has a separate module for control center activity called the Orchestrator. The intent is to have an administrator to monitor, control and execute robots from this centralized console. Automation Anywhere calls it the Control Room. This would be an extremely useful feature in a robot deployment featuring many robots. A smaller deployment of a few robots would not necessarily require this functionality in their RPA platform. Some RPA platforms absolutely require the Control Center to allow activation of the individual robot licenses so it’s important to really understand this mechanism in detail before proceeding with solution design.

Analytics & Insights through RPA

RPA technology is making its way to the analytics field mainly because of the challenges that traditional analytics platforms have faced in the data collection phase. The collection, sorting and funneling of data can be an elaborate and tedious exercise when it has to deal with data streams from many applications. Direct database access and application APIs might be needed to give an analytics platform the data streams to generate dashboards and allow slicing or dicing of data. RPA vendors are beginning to incorporate powerful analytics engines as addons or part of their core RPA offerings to allow quick dashboards and visualizations to be created without complex technology interventions.

Robotic Process Automation Use Cases

Ideally one should look at RPA as an industry agnostic technology. RPA software works on top of other legacy software and so any process that features software would most likely be suited to robotic installations. That being said, here are some use cases to illustrate how useful RPA can be in various industries:


Most retail companies have backoffice operations featuring repetitive steps with human workers managing stages of inventory and order processing. Retailers who have been around for a while would have an internal IT landscape that could likely have bloated


Processes like claims adjudication tend to feature elements of repetitiveness and rule-based process steps making them ideal for applying Robotic Process Automation. An important aspect to keep in mind would be the kind of forms or documents encountered in the process. Forms that are handwritten or badly scanned, low resolution documents could prove to be a deal breaker in some cases because the robots would have trouble reading from these types of documents. Even if OCR and document imaging have improved, there would be some loss of accuracy in the robot deployment.

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